Thursday, August 13, 2015

Milestones and millstones

I have a feeling that I've whined about this here before, possibly more than once. But here I go again!

It's all about this weight-loss game I'm playing. It's been successful, especially so this past week when I've been getting out and doing something 5 days per week. The frustration comes on Wednesdays, which is my 'weights and measures' day where I note and keep track of those things. Somehow -- by some diabolical force of nature -- no matter how much I weigh say on Monday, and Tuesday, by Wednesday it's always back up so I record a higher number than I feel is correct. And then a day later -- today is the perfect example -- it's back down, even lower. Yesterday I was up a few tenths of a pound from the previous days, and today I'm down 6 tenths. Not complaining about the loss, of course. Just the day of the week when it seems to fluctuate to a higher number. Maybe I need to change my weights and measures day.

But the good news from all this is that as of Tuesday (forget yesterday's number) I was down a total of 15 pounds since I started this trip months ago and with today's number the loss sits at 15.6. I like that -- milestones are always good. And, today, with that 6/10 I broke through another milestone -- one of those 'zero' numbers. All this, and the measurements, have taken me back to a place I haven't seen since 2010. Still not enough, but enough encouragement to keep at it, certainly. I'd still like to add at least another 10 pounds to that total.

Today, the urge is to hike up the hill and along the trail. I haven't done that for awhile, and it's calling. Hopefully, there won't be too many mountain bikes out there to spoil it for me. It's a good hike, lots of uphill through the peaceful forest and takes 45 minutes or so. That should burn off a few calories.

Other than that -- not much is happening here. Weather is good. Life is peaceful.

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