Friday, February 3, 2017

New cat toy

So --- I am remiss again. But peeps, there's really nothing to write about. I'm walking a lot, but in the same old places with the same old river and ponds and such. Nothing photo-worthy. The rain has started again today, after a week or so of respite. Just rain, which is fine. No ice, no snow. We should be grateful, and I am, because Portland is getting slammed with ice. Sheets of ice, everywhere.

The cat continues to amuse, thank goodness. I bought her a new wand toy yesterday, with feathers at the end of it, and she went wild! Will chase that thing all over the house, showing some pretty darned good acrobatic maneuvers in the process. Mid-air twists, leaps with so much force that she rams into things. I try to keep them to small leaps when near furniture or such, or at least near soft furniture such as the sofa or bed. But this morning she threw herself right into the corner of a wall, with a resounding bang. Didn't seem to bother her. With all those leaps, though, she does get physically tired and ready to chill easily enough. Lots of energy being expended! I can't leave this one on the floor because when I do, she will chew on it and it's life will be significantly shortened. So I hide it in a closet and she will beg for it until I relent. It's fun for me, too. Makes me laugh. She was tired of the old one and thus I also bored with it quickly.

So -- that's it. Maybe something more exciting will come along.

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