Saturday, February 25, 2017

Is it spring yet?

The sunshine outside looks warm, but looks are deceiving! I just went out to put some seedlings in the ground, and the wind has a nasty bite to it. Temp's around 45F, so not really warm at all.

But, I got my romaine seedlings (purchased yesterday) into the soil and watered everything. You'd think that with all the rain we've had the soil would be soaked, but it felt only moist when I transplanted the seedlings so I watered the individual plants just to be safe, and made sure the square where the carrots are planted was good and moist. The seed packet warned to keep it moist at all times until they sprout. I'm not sure how much rain actually penetrates through that woven fabric, although some certainly does.

So for now, I guess the garden is complete. Unless the carrots don't sprout, then I'll have an extra square. And once the radishes are gone that'll be one square ready for summer crops.

Made some good old southern-style buttermilk cornbread and pinto beans for lunch. Actually had it around 10:30, as I hadn't had breakfast other than a little kefir and I was hungry. I can have more later, although the cornbread is as good as I remember that recipe being in a really long time. Yum.

Other than that -- an Oregon basketball game this afternoon and plenty of chilling out. Haven't slept well the last couple of nights. Rain is back tomorrow and for the next week or so. Soon. Surely, soon we will see real signs of spring!

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