Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring's getting closer

The weather today seems to really want to be sunny, but can't quite make it. There were a few sunny moments while I was out, but none while I had something to aim the camera at.

Still -- the ducks and geese are happy, and the temp is relatively mild, so not much to complain about. Supposedly, we'll have a respite from rain for another day or so.

There are a few crocus open in the garden area, and a few daffodils open here and there around town. Soon!

Note the patches of snow on the distant hills. Probably left over from the weekend, when snow was forecast but never quite materialized down here at street level. Thank goodness!

Actually, a man on the treadmill next to me at the gym on Sunday pointed out the big white flakes that were obvious through the windows. Just flurries, not much of it and it didn't stick, so it was a novelty.

Progress inside the big white tent that covers my little garden bed. A bamboo tepee for the peas to grow on; radishes sprouting top left; romaine lettuce top; swiss chard seedlings, right.

The red container is excess chard seedlings that I can't find a home for but hate to toss.

The big empty spot in the middle is where the carrots are planted. I had to look it up -- planted February 11, which I believe is 2.5 weeks ago. Seems much longer than that, and I know they take awhile to germinate so there's still hope.

Compare to previous photo, from planting day. The peas have actually grown!

Spotted a little beagle dog hiding behind the big transmission tower at the ponds today, and when I walked on back to the platform to take the above photo, he'd already arrived there, but ran when I approached. Lost and scared, is my guess. I called our wonderful animal welfare people (same call center as 911, which is a little weird) and they'll send somebody out to find it. Hopefully, find it's owners or at the very least a new family.

Other than that -- hit the treadmill hard again this morning for 45 mins. Almost doubled that time with the after-lunch walk, which is good. Had thoughts this morning of taking the bike out after lunch, but somehow that amount of excess energy depleted after the treadmill session, so the lazy walk had to do.

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