Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hibernation season

In Oregon, this is kind of hibernation season. January is the worst -- cold and wet, not conducive to much of anything other than staying inside where it's warm and dry. But still, February is not always a lot better so while people are stirring now and then on balmy days that promise springtime around the corner, it's still easier to just stay inside. Which is why I go to the gym most days, rather than walking outside. I also get better workouts there, using the treadmill at a good incline, or the good cycle machine that is hopefully getting the body into condition for some good, long rides when weather improves. It's been a long time since I've ridden my bike much, and it's a slow process to wake those muscles up and build some staying power. But it's happening. I can see improvements each time I climb on it.

In the garden, though, under the white canopy, the plants seem very happy. I built a little bamboo tepee the other day for the peas to climb on, and need to get some twine to make ladders up the tepee. I also need to get some romaine seedlings this week, when they arrive in the stores. I checked inside the tent this morning and the radishes are up! No sign of the carrots yet, but hopefully they will sprout soon. Growth is slow out there -- not much sunshine, not much warmth, and it supposedly going to drop below freezing for the next few nights with even some snow flurries. All the plants are winter hardy, but I like knowing that the tent gives them just a tad more protection.

The Kat trials continue. She is still sweet and lovable, but has taken to having energy fits during hours when I'm trying to sleep, and I'm not crazy about that. Hopefully, it's just a phase that will pass soon. Last night I found myself wondering if I really wanted this crazy cat in my life, but of course, I do.

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