Wednesday, February 15, 2017


So -- I've been a bit under the weather for almost a week now. Last Friday I woke up and felt normal, but then after breakfast, after food hit the tummy, everything hit the fan. Nausea, diarrhea, a general feeling of malaise. Yuk! Pretty unusual for me, and I blamed it on the pickled eggs I'd had for lunch the previous day.

People here suggested I had the flu, since it's been going around the building, but I didn't think so. I work hard at keeping my immune system strong, and I'm rarely bothered by anything that's 'going around'. The symptoms were short-lived and by Saturday I felt fine, if still lacking a certain amount of energy and my tummy was still queasy. Since then, I've been mostly ok most of the time. Just a bit of queasiness here and there, but sleeping a lot, including daytime naps.

On the other hand, I've still been going to the gym most days, or walking in the sunshine when there is any. Yesterday, and again today, the lack of energy is the biggest issue. All I want to do is sleep! And last night, my tummy was unhappy. But that was probably because I bombarded it with things that no sane person would consider to be sensible food for an unhappy tummy. When I'm sick, I tend to indulge in foods I like, forgetting the diet and not caring what the tummy is going to think until afterwards.

So, I kinda gave in. Maybe it is a touch of the flu -- a very light touch, if that's what it is -- and maybe I'd better give the tummy at least one day of proper food. I took a container of luscious chicken stock I made a couple of weeks ago out of the freezer last night, since real chicken soup (as opposed to the canned or boxed variety) is one of the best immune system boosts there is. That old wives tale has been proven correct by modern science.

This morning, breakfast (after the requisite kefir) was a bowl of egg flower soup, minus any spices. Just chicken stock, salt, and a beaten egg drizzled into it once it reached a boil. Yummy, and healthy. Lunch will be similar, though more substantial. I love to make Asian-style noodle bowls using chicken stock to make it into soup.

So -- I have a 9am appointment, but until then I think I'm gonna chill, rest, and see if this damned thing will go away! I don't like being sick.

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