Thursday, February 9, 2017

Spring is around the corner

My meditation cushion has become her sleeping spot of choice. It's cushy, but I wonder if she can sense the peace and such that's left in the area, and perhaps on the cushions, from the hours of meditation? Cats are pretty sensitive to such things, so it's possible. We do have a bit of a conflict in the mornings when we both want to use it, but of course, I win because I'm bigger. I lose peace and an atmosphere conducive to concentration, however, because she tells me all about it for awhile, talking and pawing, even nipping, until she gives up and finds another place on the cushion to sleep/groom herself. There is plenty of room there for both of us. Photo shows that the cushion needs to be de-cat-haired, certainly.

Not sure just when I took this photo -- found some on the camera when I downloaded the cat photo. I remember taking them, one sunny day in the last week or two. Rare sunny day, I might add, though more are forecast starting Saturday. But rain or shine, spring is definitely in the air around here! Bulbs are poking their spikes above ground, robins are everywhere, and there are tiny buds on the trees outside my windows.

That springtime urge is also clearly evident in me and in another of the avid gardeners here. The first shipment of veggie starts is due in today, so tomorrow we will head down there and get the stuff we want, get them in the ground. I also need a couple of bags of soil and manure to top my bed up from settling. Looking forward to getting my fingers in the dirt and building my protective tent around the bed until after after frost date.

Not much else is new, really. Got tired of walking in the rain over familiar paths, so I've started going to the nearby gym again. At least for now. I like being able to read while I walk the treadmill, or ride a bike. Both are part of being ready for warmer weather and longer walks and bike rides in the sunshine.

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