Saturday, February 11, 2017


A sunny day! Word was that my fav garden store would have plenty of veggie starts delivered in the last couple of days, but once I got over there this morning I was disappointed to find that mostly they just had peas, and things I can't use like asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries, etc. So I bought some sugar snap peas and parsley, and some seed.

Earlier, I'd picked up a couple of big bags of veggie boost soil amendment to top off the bed with, so it was ready to plant when I got home with the plants and seeds.

Yes, a wiser person would have taken photos before the tent went up, but since I'm not that wise, I took these through a hole in the fabric, rather than take it apart. These are the little  peas -- or the part of them that shows, anyway. They will grow. And with the lack of rain due for the next few days, hopefully they will grow fast.

French breakfast radishes and rainbow carrots are underneath some of the lovely soil.

This is the rosemary plant from the big pot I had out here. The pot was so rootbound that I'm really not sure there's enough roots to make it thrive, but we'll see. If not, small plants are cheap enough. There's parsley on the bottom and, out of reach of the hole, thyme out of the same big pot.

I need more space! But, I'll figure out a way to make what I have work. In retrospect, I could have done without the peas, but I've got 'em, and they'll taste good. But I think they'll outgrow the tent and need support and all that, and I'm not sure I think they are worth it.

So that's it. Feels lovely to have some sunshine, even if it's not overly warm out there (or, wasn't early this morning when I was out there working).

I'm told that leafy greens, which I want, will be in stock later in the coming week, so I'll make another trip and fill up more of that space.

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