Monday, January 23, 2017

Hi Peeps!

Yeah, it's been awhile. Lazy and not much to say. Too wrapped up in little things to find something to write here.

Nothing to write today, either, just allaying the minds of some of you who would wonder. Had a doc appointment this morning, got zapped good with the liquid nitrogen gun. Maybe 15 spots removed.

Also been cleaning house, because the building is having its annual inspection, where the management comes into the apartment and makes sure things are clean, safe, all rules being abided by, healthy, blah, blah. Remove everything from under the sinks so they can check for leaks. Turn the bedding at top and bottom of bed down to expose mattress so they can check for bedbugs. Kind of a pain, particularly the latter. Haven't done it yet -- if they get here before tomorrow, I can do it for them.

Lots of sunshine today in forecast for the next couple of weeks. Brisk, but in the 50s. Feels wonderful. Nobody cares if it rains anymore, as long as there's no more ice and snow. Saw a bunch of daffodils coming up today when I went for a walk after lunch. The river is beautiful -- full, flowing, more blue than muddy.  Everything is lovely out there today.

See? Nothing interesting. Won't bore you any longer, but I'm alive and well.

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