Friday, November 18, 2016

The joys of aging.

With just over a month to go before my 74th birthday, I can say that I've finally experienced what it feels like to push the body beyond it's comfort zone, and I'm not talking about exercise. I'm talking about over-indulging in food and really setting off some unpleasant reactions inside the body, within one or more organs. Things I could have done/have done often in the past are apparently not things I need to do now.

Specifically, I ate a couple of dozen (probably) small oatmeal/choc chip/walnut/coconut cookies that I'd baked for a Thanksgiving potluck here in the old folks home. Some were eaten there, but I brought the rest back home and promptly ate them.  My body really reacted, in an unpleasant way. Discomfort and general feeling of malaise, what I think was a bit of chill (could not get warm even in my bed with the electric blanket on), almost-nausea. This went on until around 1:00am, finally eased enough that I got a little sleep. Still feeling it all this morning, to a lesser degree.

Needless to say, it got my attention. Today I plan to eat lightly, including a little detox tea. Maybe for several days. This is not fun and I don't plan to return here again, if I can help it.

My body has been a strong ally all these years, even as I have abused it. I've tried to take care of it along the way, but maybe it's time I do a little better job of that!

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