Monday, November 21, 2016

Sunshine, on a cloudy day

On to a happier subject and yes, it is about time! We had a little sun-break in the days of rain this afternoon and I went for a walk without my camera. Big mistake! I know better, of course. For some reason I opted to explore the trails along the ponds on the other side of the street, and found a bounty that I never expected. First of all, there is a trail that I didn't know was there that goes deep into those ponds and around the other side. I remember that when I lived in this neighborhood in 2005 I walked out a deer trail of a path out into some wilderness out there that was a little spooky. That was before all this was developed. It's still there, though not visible from the road. Looks like just another observation deck from the sidewalk. 

My day was brightened by two friendly fellas I met along the way. First, a neighbor in this building showed me where the beaver nest is, then on the walk to the other side of the pond there was a cyclist who showed me a couple of heron nests in a big tree across the highway.  Both old folks, like me, but happy and active and engaged, certainly. So, on with the rest of this tale.

The lighting was perfect, there was the most beautiful Great Blue Heron I've ever seen resting just off the path. I wanted my camera so bad I could scream. Instead, I went back home and chilled for awhile, wanting to get back out there around sunset to see if I could see the beavers that have taken up residence just down the block. I went too early, it started to rain, and of course when I got back on that wonderful trail the lighting was different and the heron was gone. None of that was unexpected. Lighting changes quickly. Birds fly away. But there was still a lot to see, and I found another heron (above) just off the trail almost back at the deck near home.

I always like reflections and patterns on the water, so I couldn't resist this one.

Looking back at the bike bridge that crosses over. White egret in the far distance.

There were lots of mallards out there, but these were the only ones I managed to catch before they scuttled out of reach.

Back along the main road, looking off at a secluded observation deck near home.

Same guy as above, different view. Don't know why he shows so brown. Juvenile? But his beak and head give him away.

He really was quite patient with this human creeping around the bank nearby.

Some furry water mammal crossing the pond from the general area of the beaver residence. But a woman with a fancy camera at the observation deck had caught the animal and thought it was a muskrat, maybe. Not a beaver. Said she has seen the beavers, the otters, and even something she thought was a mink recently.

They are out there, and clearly this is the area for wildlife watching, unlike the paths I've been taking. So, you can be sure I'll be back. Probably tomorrow earlier in the day hoping for more perfect lighting and that first gorgeous heron posing again.

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