Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Are we getting tired of herons yet?

Made it out to the ponds around 8am today, just as the sun was starting to clear the trees on the eastern horizon. Made for some interesting colors out there, and it was wonderful to walk around and back as the sun continued to rise and the lighting changed from moment to moment. This guy is sitting on the log at the pond nearest the house. And yes, in a way I'm getting tired of herons but in another way I cannot resist taking photos when I see them. They are so beautiful.

This was such a huge heron! Sitting in the pond where I saw the first big one, the first day I was out here. Same one? Very likely this is his spot, though I saw other big ones today, so who knows. One of them was on an opposite bank in the full sun and the photos didn't work at all for some reason.

This fella wasn't so huge, but he was in motion, looking for breakfast, unlike most of the others I saw.

Cormorants, I believe, taking advantage of the morning sun as they seem wont to do. Interesting birds.

Pretty sure this is the same bird from the first photo. The big guy. Just from a different angle as I was returning along the path.

Enjoyed watching the geese through the autumn leaves when I got back to the street side of the ponds. They didn't cooperate too well when it comes to posing or sitting still.

Lovely walk. Tomorrow it's back to rain and then it looks like a few more days of sunshine before a cold front arrives and brings....... SNOW! Or, so they say. It's a week away, and will likely change a dozen times before then. But still.

Brought the new cat home today. She is so sweet, but really freaked out by being in a strange place with strange things and strange sounds. Just wants to hide, and for the most part, I let her. Only bring her out every now and then to cuddle and try to give her a better sense of security, and she always stays awhile then wants to go back into hiding. Have been trying to 'build' a little nest for her where she can feel safe.  She went into it voluntarily, but I don't know if she's still there. Keeping her confined to the bath/dressing area for now, so she doesn't hide under the bed. She'll adjust.


  1. Just checked in after a long absence, how exciting to have that beautiful tortoiseshell kitten! I'm sure she'll soon become devoted to you, and vice versa. Cats tie you down and shed fur on everything, but they repay you many times over with purrs.


  2. Hi, Jane, good to hear from you again. Yes, I'm sure that in time she'll be fine. For the moment, I didn't get a bit of sleep last night (literally!), she wants to hide under the bed or the couch or in a dark corner of the closet. Won't eat or drink. Scared -- of course. But she's sweet otherwise and hopefully will sleep tonight. Trying to keep her awake during the day as much as I can. Just had an hour's nap. Much needed.

    I'm sure you are right and she'll be a wonderful companion, once she's used to me and this noisy place where I live.