Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Herons galore

Can I just start off by saying, I hate Verizon? There is no way to speak or chat online with a live person anymore. Ask questions of a robot who never answers the question. Period. Or go down to the Verizon store and have them do it. They can actually reach a human. Ridiculous!

Went for a long walk all around the ponds yesterday in the late morning, before rain was due to arrive. I spent around 90 minutes exploring and taking photos. The effort was rewarded with lots of herons, including this guy.

When I walked the path the other day, I saw this undeveloped, but clearly well-used, trail taking off where the developed path ends. Naturally, I had to know where it went, although I suspected I knew and suspected it would lead me back home without retracing my steps.

Yesterday, with plenty of time and a fully-charged camera, I opted to explore this path, which led to a wide green field and on to the embankment of the freeway exit which is on the right, and on to a stoplight at the main drag.

I've passed that intersection many times, on foot and in the car, have noticed the pedestrian walkway and lights that lead to absolutely nothing on the other side, other than some undeveloped land. No sidewalk. No nothing. So, I tied this path together with that one, in my mind. And I was right.

The trail led to the end of this pond, to the green fields and on to the intersection in the distance. Since the sunshine had gone away, and since I was so close to home, I opted to walk up there to get home. Not easy walking, as there's no flat place to walk. Just the rough, graded side of the ramp. Easy place to twist and ankle and I found myself wondering as I walked it just how I'd explain to the 911 people how to find me if I somehow broke an ankle. Fortunately, that didn't happen. What did happen is that just about the time I crossed the road and started walking toward home, the sun popped out again. And there were clearly no more big clouds coming our way. So - - I crossed back over the intersection and retraced my steps. At least I know I can do it.

There were lots of geese at the end of the pond, though they were on the shy side and quickly swam away from me.

The darned place is just so pretty! And so peaceful. While I'm there, I have no sense that I'm alongside a busy highway, or surrounded by civilization. All of that is forgotten.

One of several herons along the way. I think this is the big guy I saw the first day. In the same pond anyway, though not as near the shore.

Then there was this one. These are all different birds in different parts of the park.

And this one, just below the observation deck nearest home. And more, but you get the idea...

One final look -- sun and clouds and the bike bridge. A great place to spend some time, anytime.

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