Thursday, November 10, 2016

Newport -- a day of escape

As an antidote to finally having the tension and nastiness of the election behind us, my friend and I drove to the coast yesterday, to feed our souls with nature. Fortunately, we were met with a lovely day -- nice combinations of wispy fogs and sunshine, mild temps, no wind.

Our destination was Newport, about a two hour drive from Eugene but well worth it. Northwest across country, through Corvallis, across the Coast mountain range, to this. We sat on a bench right here for awhile just to soak it all in. The photo does not do justice to the rows of white breakers as far as the eye could see, from left to right.

After soaking this all end, we went on to Nye Beach, home of the Sylvia Beach Hotel, among other things, and a wonderful Irish Pub called Nana's. True Irish food, and while I was tempted to try the bangers & mash, since I've never had that, I have a hard time resisting fish & chips. Made with local cod, beer-battered and fried to a perfect crispness outside and perfect moistness inside, I stuffed my face! Even had a nice Rogue beer to go with it.  We ended the visit with the Sylvia Beach, just to be able to 'touch home' as my friend said. Unfortunately, there was some kind of private event happening and we were unable to walk through and look at the rooms, but we did visit the gift shop. The rooms, by the way, are fantastical interpretations of various authors and almost all of them have changed since I was last there, in 2009.  Google it, and you'll see what I mean.

Then, still not ready to leave, we drove down to the harbor area and 'old town'. Newport was actually the very first place I ever stayed overnight in Oregon, way back in 1996 when I meandered up the coast from California and fell in love with this state. On that visit I stayed at a cheap motel on the highway, but was pointed down to old town as a place to eat and sightsee. I had beer and some forgotten food at a great old tavern/saloon/pub. Old town to me is a fabulous mix of working fisheries along the water side, old waterside-type bars and restaurants, and newer restaurants and other commercial spots that attract tourists.  I had a field day with the camera along the harbor, as you will see. The lighting was interesting and I wanted that beautiful bridge in the background. These photos are all mostly black and white, even though shot in full color. As usual, the photos are not manipulated by me in any way. They appear just as the camera captured them, for better or worse.

From here, we returned to Eugene down the coast to Florence, then headed inland once again, our moods lightened, our hearts fuller our souls filled.

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