Saturday, November 26, 2016

Eagles and Pumpkin

Finally saw this guy today -- been hearing that he hangs around these ponds, but this is my first sighting. He was kind enough to wait until I'd walked all the way around to the other side of the ponds and got closer to him before flying away, too. Not the best photo, but it's the absolute limit of the camera I have. Full zoom, hand held, etc. But recognizable, with that white head.

There was a good bit of water coming in from the direction of the river this morning, making lots of motion and wavelets out there. Combined with a bird and some interesting lighting, it was fun to watch and photograph.

This is near home, the beaver's nest and such. Incoming water just starting to hit these far reaches and not totally obvious, but there.

It was a beautiful morning for a walk, especially after a couple of days of being cooped up inside because of rain. Went out around 8am, walked a little over an hour. Only one more person out there -- a man with a serious camera/tripod/lens setup. I'm so glad I got over my fear of walking the somewhat hidden paths on that side of the road. Never knew what I might find down there, as there are plenty of homeless people who inhabit these wilder areas. But now, after discovering the 'far side' that was intriguing enough to overcome those fears, and after walking them many times, I'm so glad they've become like home and I know that I'm most likely going to encounter other photogs or nature lovers. No bad guys.

Been a draining day today already, emotionally. It's all good -- just a deep meditation this morning looking at a lot of things that have come to the surface in past days. It's a necessary part of the process, and more good than bad.

On a totally different subject, I've found myself longing more and more for furry companionship of late, so yesterday I went to the local shelter and found this sweetie. I'd have brought her home on the spot, but there are hurdles here to get past, first. And then the hurdle of qualifying to adopt her (old age, low income). Her name is Pumpkin, tho I imagine I'd change that should I bring her home. Hopefully, she will still be there on Tuesday, when I may have a better idea about those darned hurdles.

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