Thursday, September 1, 2016

It ain't much......

.......but it's mine.

It's a work in progress. Got the chair and bookcase loaded in today, and that's it until Saturday when there's a loveseat and big desk arriving. It doesn't look like much, but it's better than last night when the TV and I were sitting on the floor!

Comcast came yesterday as scheduled, but couldn't hook up because the line in the wall is bad. Got the maintenance guy involved, they'll likely need to cut into the wall! but can't do it until Tuesday and then of course I'll have to reschedule Comcast. Fortunately, the computer room for this complex is just a couple of doors down from my apartment, so I'm able to wander down here barefoot to use the wi-fi in comfort. Several times a day, because I am so attached. I bought a cheap HDTV antenna for the interim, and it works fine, just with limited channels. But, that's all I've had for the last several months, so it's fine.

My own kitchen! Not big, not fancy, but more than adequate and it's all mine. Been a long time since I could say that. Still working on getting it settled, but most of it is done on the surface, anyway. Lots of cabinet space, just narrow so my big pots won't fit. But I can live with that. Plenty of room to store them in other closets or atop fridge.

My own bath with lot of storage space, a nice shower that I can use anytime I like. Such as last night before bed (much needed -- I was grungy from moving).

Tons of storage here, too, and one nice thing about old folks homes is that rooms and halls have to be spacious enough to allow for wheelchairs and maneuverability. So no tiny bath or other spaces.

The bedroom is really a work in progress. There is a bed in there, also delivered yesterday, and I gotta say the bed/new pillow combination has to be the most comfortable and wonderful thing I've owned within memory. Once the adrenaline stops flowing and I get used to the traffic noise outside the window, I expect to sleep like a baby in there. Positive thinking, right? But seriously, it is seriously perfect.

All is well. Have eaten and rested lots today. I am really too old for all this. Remember, I have done all of it myself, until my ex-roommate arrived this morning with the furniture. We had to lift it off the truck and onto a cart, but it was child's play compared to the previous days. I loaded and unloaded two full carloads in my car and a pretty full carload in a friend's big SUV. A mixed treadmill and weights workout, ongoing. So yeah, the body needed some rest. And more tomorrow, probably.

First Ducks football game of the year on Saturday, and since I don't have cable yet I'm lucky that there's a group that gets together to watch the games in the community room. Big screen, lots of people, some food, and the game. I'd probably have gone even if the cable was working, just because football is more fun watched with other people.

That's it, folks. Energy flagging. Time to head back to the apartment and veg out. More when there's more to talk about.

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