Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Projects and a river walk

Unfortunately, I didn't remember to shoot a 'before' photo here, but use your imagination. The back of this little bookcase was open and there are 4 'devices' connected here with multiple cords for each one. Cables looping all over the place. Ugly. Really ugly. I've been thinking of a hard backing to help with stability, but that would require tools to cut out holes for some of the cords, and I don't have those.

So I had this brilliant idea and headed to Jo-Ann Fabrics to make it happen. One yard of fabric and a pack of upholstery nails later, I have this fun, whimsical, colorful backing that is stretched around a couple of cords and hides all the rest. Mostly, it's fun, and I'm trying to infuse color and fun into this place as much as I can.

I've been watching this funky chair at Goodwill for a couple of weeks now, almost bought it a week ago. It's made of metal and needs a new seat cover and padding, and maybe a bit of fresh paint (or just let it be itself). I don't have a table yet, but I love the chair so I brought it home. About $7. Eventually, I'll find another chair that I like that will be totally different (because let's face it, I'm not likely to come across another one like this), and eventually, a table that will fit the space I have. When the time comes, I'll tie the chairs together with matching seats. I've never recovered a seat, but my past addiction to HGTV has certainly shown me how to do it and that it's ridiculously easy to do.

I also bought a king-sized bedskirt that I've been looking at for a couple of weeks. It was on sale for half price, so I took the plunge and will just have to fit it to my double size mattress. When I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond a couple of weeks ago I saw something called bedskirt pins, which corkscrew into the box springs and hold the skirt in place. I can use those to make the needed alterations. I'll head over and buy those today, then the skirt needs to be washed and will hopefully come out fairly wrinkle-free, because it's cotton and I don't haven an iron anymore.

Then, after a big lunch, I needed to walk it off and also take advantage of this fabulous fall weather while it lasts, so I went over my new 'around the block' walk which is around 2.5 miles and includes a mile of waterfront trail along the Willamette River. Gorgeous day out there.

Here, I liked the contrast between the glassy, still water and the moving water beyond. So peaceful out there! Lots of people taking advantage of the weather on both sides of the river, mostly on bikes but some walking and a family splashing in the bank on the other side.

From the nearby bike bridge, one of several that cross the river during it's path through the city. This is the farthest north. I can offhand remember 4 others heading south. From these bridges and the bike paths along both sides of the river, one can go about anywhere in town, either on a bike or on foot.

Back at home, I spotted one of the other gardeners out there and stopped to visit with her and ask some questions I have about using the garden area, and if there was a shovel I can use. Turns out, there is a nice wheeled garden cart, and I can borrow a shovel from maintenance. So I'll be set to start work out there once I arrange that. This woman grows dahlias out there, so gorgeous, had clipped this one and put it in a stone dish in some water to pep it up. She said she has a brood of baby praying mantis that she's trying to keep away from the birds long enough for them to grow up, populate the gardens and maybe lay more eggs next spring. Always cool to talk with other gardeners.

So -- that's my life at the moment. Kind of fun, really.

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