Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New toy

I have a new toy that I absolutely love! Bluetooth headphones for my TV, that allow me to actually hear what's being said without turning the TV up so loud that it would disturb neighbors. Not to mention that it's stereo and has so much better sound than the speakers on the TV.  They also blot out lots of the outside traffic noise in the process.

It also allows me to go into other rooms, use the kitchen, and even sit here at the computer while listening to what's happening on TV. Useful mostly for news programs, of course, but also for other programs that don't require video in order to follow what's happening.

I ordered this 15 days ago and it took Amazon that long to deliver the last component needed to make this possible. It finally arrived yesterday. My TV isn't equipped with Bluetooth so I not only needed the headphones, I needed a transmitter plus a $3 connector to adapt the two-prong stereo audio output on the TV to a single prong so it would connect to the transmitter. That little $3 connector is the thing that took over 2 weeks to arrive. Ridiculous! But, after hooking it up, it took seconds for the transmitter and phones to connect and I used it all evening and am using it now in the early morning. I'm going to have to take it off and recharge both the headphones and transmitter before using them again this evening. Don't really need them during the day.

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