Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Life is good

Life is good here in the old folks home. Comcast came through yesterday so I now have tv and my own, fast wireless. Turns out, the first installer who came left a bit of metal in the connection at the source when he put a new tip on.  That shorted out the system. New installer said it happens, but once that was fixed the signal was strong and perfect. One more move-in detail checked off. The last important one. Whew!

I've ordered some headphones and some connections to allow me to use bluetooth on my tv, which will alleviate the concern I have about bothering neighbors with volume. The traffic noise outside is so loud much of the time that the volume has to be turned up in order to even hear it. And the neighbors have the same issue. So, I'll be able to enjoy whatever I'm watching at a comfortable volume level, and block out some of the noise at the same time.

Last piece of new luxury for my bed arrived yesterday. Yes, I've indulged there, but with my long history of insomnia and sleep issues, I think it's a good investment. Make the bed as comfortable as it can possibly be and hope for the best. I needed some new flannel sheets (my last ones lasted 10 years!), couldn't find decent quality locally or online. Ordered something from Amazon and it was fleece, not cotton and not flannel. So, I searched for 100% cotton flannel and found the old standby, LL Bean. Pricey, yes. But heavyweight and perfect and will last for years. They sure felt good last night, although it was one of those nights when my bladder screamed every hour so sleep was somewhat elusive.

Already had 15 minutes of exercise this morning! Trying to start a new habit of doing that right before breakfast, upstairs in the exercise room. I feel the workout, too. Especially in arms and shoulders, where I'm weakest. Legs are always strong, but upper body just doesn't get the use the legs do.

Bought a bunch of compost and good soil for the garden bed over the weekend. Need to go back and get more, though I haven't decided just how far to go with it and how much to spend. What is in there now is old potting soil, which is not dirt and certainly has no nutrients to feed veggies. I'd love to take it all out and start over, but that may be too pricey for me. Probably around $70 total, which isn't outrageous but a lot for me after everything I've spent getting this apartment together. So, we'll see what I decide. Waiting until a friend has time to bring over a shovel and big bucket he's going to loan me, so I can start taking it out. I'm thinking I'll probably end up replacing all of it, but we shall see. One thing at a time!

So that's my story people. Life is good.

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