Thursday, September 8, 2016

Football season requires cable

Rise and shine, everybody. Why? Because this is the first day in recent memory that I've actually begun feeling like a human being. Not so tired. More rested. Less stressed. All that.

I'm actually starting to sleep better, which I knew would eventually happen. Slowly, night by night, it's happening. And for the last two or three nights I've put aside all the various 'sleep aids' I've been rotating for weeks now, and decided to go cold turkey and let the sleep fall where it may. Mostly, these were various herbs that aid relaxation and sleep, but since I'm pretty sure my issues are mostly stress and anxiety, don't think they help a lot. Thought they did at first, maybe, but if they ever did the time is past. I'm not going to climb Mt. Everest today, by any means, but life is returning to the body. And mind.

A really odd and rewarding result of the past week or two of being off diet but in a most healthy way, is that without counting calories, or exercising, I'm starting to drop weight again. I sensed that the body needed good food, excellent nutrition, and lots of both to help recover. I've been eating more, but almost all healthy. I haven't had sugar for a month or so, whenever I began this new round of calorie-counting and diet adherence. So, this is all good.

Today, a bunch of errands await. Planned to do them yesterday but had to wait all day for a promised delivery that never arrived. Not doing that today. I've emailed them. Told them I won't be here in the morning and to come after noon. What they do from there is their problem.

Still no cable. Fortunately, the signal is good and steady from the wi-fi in the computer room down the hall. But until the cable damage issue is resolved, I can't really move into the living room. Oh, I live there, to be sure. But furniture is placed haphazardly and it should look a lot better. Comcast coming back on Monday and I sure hope they manage to send a tech who has the knowledge and tools to help the maintenance guy trace and repair the problem, whatever it is. Understandably, he doesn't want to cut into the wall more than he has to. And I don't want him to, because however you look at it the room is going to be a mess for awhile. I'm going to the Comcast office this morning for a chat about this.

Another Ducks game this Saturday and I still don't have cable. That's the real rub. I can watch it downstairs, but it's a night game and I'd so much rather be hanging out at home where it's comfortable, than down there where the game is hard to follow. After all, the rush to get it installed was because of football season starting.

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