Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Finally! A veggie garden

So we have progress in the garden! The last two bags of soil brought the level up enough for now, though once it settles I'll need to add a top dressing for spring planting.

For now, we've gone from a hole in the ground to a veggie bed. In the foreground with red leaves, beets. Would have bought more, but since they were larger plants, they were pricier. Then we have romaine lettuce, swiss chard, and spinach. Not a lot, but the pickin's were slim. Lots of good greens in my future. Just took this photo this morning, and while most of the plants have perked up nicely overnight, a few are still wimpy. Hopefully, they'll all perk up soon. The netting is to keep the squirrels out, since they'd happily dig these seedlings up to hide their acorns.

This gorgeous dahlia is still on it's stem. So beautiful! For perspective, check the next photo. The flower is the width of my spread hand, about 6 inches!

So for now, the heavy work in the garden is done. There will still be coddling of these baby plants, certainly. But no more digging or moving heavy bags of soil/compost around. The weather the next few days is cool, which will be perfect for them.

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