Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sunshine and fall breezes

Life in Eugene is good. The weather has cooled off to delightful days and chilly nights. Perfect! Supposedly a couple of 90+ days toward the end of this week, but I can live with that, particularly with the slight crispness to the breezes that foretells the coming of fall.

Not much happening except -- believe it or not -- I've been sleeping for a couple of days (literally -- I napped yesterday afternoon and dozed off in the evening watching TV, plus two nights in a row of good, sound sleep. That's a rarity in my life, and greatly appreciated. Rather than perking my energy up, though, it seems to be simply making me drowsy all the time. Probably the body trying to play catch-up on the Z's. I don't know how long it'll last or what's causing it, but I'm glad to see it.

I walk most days -- usually to the nearest supermarket (about an hour, round trip) but yesterday to Freddies, which is further away (about an hour and a half, round trip). Some of that is simply an excuse to take a walk, get some exercise, but part of it is because the damned refrigerator in this place is so tiny that it's almost impossible to buy much in advance. No room to store much more than the basics that live in there all the time. I was promised a larger one, but apparently that promise has been reneged.  Live and learn.

ESPN Game Day is coming to campus on Saturday for its live broadcast. I have an urge to head over and just enjoy the experience, after watching this happen from so far away for so many years. Don't know if I'll make the 6am on-air time, however. We'll see how I feel then. Fortunately, this game is on a network I can get -- not many will be!

So, that's my story for this fine September day. What's yours?

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