Friday, September 5, 2014


Interesting walk this morning -- unfortunately, not totally planned so no camera, no photos. I hopped a bus that I knew went to the UO campus, but that I thought stopped at the downtown (library) terminal first. Turns out it went to campus, then presumably on downtown. Since I was there and curious, I hopped off at the campus station and walked back downtown. This is an area I know well, because I lived downtown for 3 years before leaving Eugene, and walked/cycled to/through campus with great frequency.

From the webcam -- closest I've been to this scene, previously.

Since I was there -- I walked the short distance onto campus to watch the preparations for tomorrow's ESPN Game Day broadcast -- they started building yesterday, and are still going. First time I've actually seen it live and in person! I'm still debating going over tomorrow morning. Buses don't run that early, I don't know where to park my car anywhere near campus, so the bike is my best option and I'm not sure I'm into that, either. The Starbucks a block away is opening at 4am tomorrow -- there should be quite a crowd, which would be fun. We shall see.

From there, I wandered on downtown, passing my old apartment building, almost tempted by my favorite pizza place (Mezzaluna, downtown) but they opened at 11 and it was just about that time and they didn't look open -- plus it was too early for me, somehow -- so I walked on, passing down the block where I once worked, and on to the library and then back on the bus. It felt good -- and good to know how easily everything came back to me. As far as finding my way, it was as if I'd never left. That area is fairly firmly embedded in my brain, I think! Signs on my old building, 'renting now'. That probably means a waiting list and most definitely means I can't afford it anyway, but I was sure drawn to be back there. It was the coolest place I've ever lived (with the possible exception of my little place on Orcas Island, which had a view to die for).

Partial -- and only partial -- view from my Orcas apartment.

Back home to some fresh hummus and a cold beer -- pretty nice on a hot day like this.

Looking forward to tomorrow, whatever it brings.

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