Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Curtains, walks and lunch

I've been thinking for months now that I wanted to use the white India cotton crinkle curtains that were in my meditation room in Georgia, in the new cottage here. Partly because I just like the look, and partly because it gives me a better sense of privacy from people wandering in the garden steps from the cottage -- particularly in the mornings and evenings, or when I want to change clothes or take a shower. I also don't want to live in the dark behind closed blinds, so the curtains are the perfect answer!

This gives me that exotic, Bali/tropical look I've wanted with these curtains since I bought them -- but couldn't quite create in the Georgia house. These windows, and the garden beyond, are perfect. It's like a marriage made in heaven. I need a couple of more panels and they are obtainable here in town (At Cost Plus/World Market), but it hasn't been urgent enough to drive over there. When I don't need privacy, or when I want cooling breezes to come in, they are so lightweight that they twist together easily, and come loose just as easily.

Enough privacy for my sense of comfort at private times, even though nobody may be out there and they don't look inside the cottage anyway if they are out there. So now, I'm a happy camper, although it would be nice to get the bed off the floor.

Today is the first really nice summer day we've had since I arrived. Nice, as in not so hot! I actually had to get up around 4am and put on some warm clothes to sleep in -- didn't want to close the windows because I wanted the interior to stay cool during the day. Since it was so nice, I took an early morning walk that included a brief stop at DMV and picking up a prescription at a store that's probably a mile and a half or two miles away. It felt great to be out walking in cool, crisp air. Then after lunch, I took another walk in another direction, to investigate an Asian food market I'd noticed. So far, over 12,300 steps today. I don't usually wear the odometer, but was curious how many would be used in the morning walk -- it was almost 8000.

That worked up a good appetite, and since I can't seem to get myself into doing much cooking, I boiled an egg, picked some cherry tomatoes, mint and basil and made myself a salad with some packaged spinach. It tasted every bit as good as it looks!

Now, I'm still feeling energetic, but not too much so. I think the hammock and some reading are in order. Later, y'all!

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