Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A good day for hot soup

Yesterday was a good day. Found a good, simple swivel task chair at Goodwill for $6.25. Then bought a twin/full size hollywood bed frame for a reasonable price, new. It seemed the easiest, cheapest, and most flexible way to go. I really don't want to spend a lot of money on twin size anything, since eventually I want to get a double, something that will take my queen-size comforter with comfort, and give me more wiggle room. I've slept in a big bed for most of my life, and while I can adjust to the narrow one, I can't say I like it.

Both were good purchases. The chair is much better for computer use (better for my back and neck), and even though the mattress isn't supported very well at the moment, the bed is more comfortable off the floor. I cut one support slat by hand, and that worked quite well, but I would be more comfortable with one or two more, so I'll try to cut those today. Or, maybe I'll just hit up Home Depot and buy one length of wood and have them cut it to the right sizes. Cheap at twice the price, since cutting with the hand saw is a slow process.

Also, I had my inaugural bike ride yesterday! For the first few minutes, my quads were saying 'what?' 'what?' and complaining about the whole thing, but they settled down quickly enough. The new gear changer works great -- just a matter of figuring out which button moves the chain which way, and that's easy enough, in motion. So I got everything set up the way I like it and rode for about 40 minutes, total. Not nearly enough to get me to the end of the trail, but far enough, I figured, for the first effort. Gotta break the muscles in slowly. And while I haven't ridden an actual bike for awhile, I did have that cycle machine in Georgia for about a year and a half, and used it a lot, so the muscles aren't all that out of shape. I'm not going to be climbing any hills or doing any 25 mile rides soon, but that's OK.

I also had a good night's sleep (until the sound of water spraying on leaves woke me up at 7am). I've figured out that the way to actually get to sleep at a reasonable hour (for me) around here is to use earplugs -- works like a charm. Too much noise from outside otherwise. Cool weather and closed windows helps, too. Unfortunately, they don't stay in all night and into the morning.

And speaking of cool weather -- it's making me want to make some soup. Now, do I want to do that badly enough to make another grocery run today? Not so sure, but we shall see.

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