Saturday, August 23, 2014


Little by little, I'm getting this little kuti organized and comfortable for occupancy. Not quite there yet, but still, progress is happening.

Yesterday saw some big changes. A desk moved in, a real double bed moved in, and a TV moved in. All seem to fit pretty much as I envisioned they would and while the spaces are tight, they are less congested than before.

Still things to tweak -- the package sitting on my meditation cushion is going to be forwarded to California, for example. The bed is comfortable where it is, it can be difficult to reach the windows for opening/closing. I also need pillows.

Comfy for watching TV or sleeping, although nothing matches the air mattress for keeping circulation from headed toward numbness in my hands if I sleep in my side, as I often do. For me, that's the big down-side of a regular mattress. Plus, I've slept in a queen-size bed for most of my adult life, and I find even the double to be constricting. Still -- gotta get used to that, because I don't intend to go back to a larger size.

The desk is a tad larger than I envisioned and takes a lot of space here, but at least it's tucked out of the way, and there is ample space to stand and reach things in the cabinets, and to reach my cushion. The TV is old, but has a good picture. It's here for me to determine whether or not I really want/need a TV at all. I'm not convinced that I do. I've set the desk up so that the monitor can easily be turned to face the bed for streaming shows that I actually want to see. That keeps me mostly from the mindless background of shows that are just 'on'.

Today I think I'm going to do a little walking for some errands this morning, and likely not do a whole lot this afternoon when the heat comes, other than read.

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