Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dumb and Dumber

I thought she was brighter than this.  Not only did she get up here once this morning, but I came home after being gone for over 3 hours and found her up here again.  This is one of the corner support posts for my front porch. No clue how long she was up there either time.  I can understand her trying once, but twice?  Hasn't been a third time.  Yet. But she was pretty unhappy after I was gone so long the second time, so she may have learned her lesson.  Or, maybe not.

Two fifty pound bags of Black Kow composted manure later, this bed is about ready to plant after it sits for awhile longer.  I need to let the grass clippings decompose a bit more, mix it all together, and let the weather cool off a touch first.

Five more concrete blocks today (that's all I can comfortable fit into the trunk of my car, and about all I can comfortably unload at one time), and this raised bed is getting close to being finished.  One more load will almost do it, then I can start on the other. 

 I just finished a little yard work, moving and emptying 100 pounds of Black Kow and a bunch of concrete blocks, in the middle of the day when it's hot (about 87 and really humid) and sunny.  So, which of us is dumb and which is dumber?  I'll let you decide for yourself, but personally I think it's about a draw.  I'm more than a little over-heated and dizzy at the moment, so I think I'm going to take it easy for awhile before starting in on the window.

Earlier today, after the HD trip, I went to a Polk County Cemetery Preservation Committee meeting, which I really enjoy.  Some good people there.  Then, on to Rockmart and Carlton Farms where I got my milk and eggs for the week.  There were no eggs in the store when I arrived, but I'd noticed a 4-wheeler at the chicken barn when I drove in and a minute or two later he came by and told me to give him a minute.  Talk about fresh eggs!  Well worth waiting for -- and I'm glad I know where my eggs come from right now.  Not to get on a soapbox, but a large part of the reason I like to produce as much of my own food as I can is that I do know where it comes from, and I know it's safe to eat.  Not to mention fresh.  These recalls happen too often for me -- I don't buy bagged salad greens or spinach anymore, which is a shame because I love them.  I plan to grow my own from now on out.  Winter shouldn't be a problem around here, and by next summer I'm going to install a hoop system over one bed and use shade cloth to cover and hopefully keep the greens happier all summer.  Not certain it'll work, but I'll try it.

The rest of this weekend is all about starting to finish up the projects around here: the space for the new window; the outside of that window; the inside of the other window; and get primer on the bare siding that I've scraped.  One at a time, with the new window being first priority for this weekend.  Sand, caulk, prime.  Maybe prime twice.  Then, I'll think about the next project to finish.

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