Friday, August 6, 2010


We had us a gully-washer awhile ago.  Thunder, lightning, wind, and lots of rain.  As you can see, from my house to the other side of the street is a lake.  I didn't mind it at all, because it cooled everything off nicely.  The kitten, apparently, is terrified of rain -- she was on the porch when it first started coming down, ran inside all scared and only a little bit wet.  She didn't calm down until it was over. In fact, I'm not so sure she's really over it yet. I'm guessing she must feel the atmospheric pressure, or something.  I've noticed this before with her and hope it goes away, because she's going to have to face lots of these things in her life.

Not everyone found it uncomfortable.  These two kids from down the street were having a blast once it was over.  And yes, their mother was right there with them.

I'm not sure it's over yet -- weather maps show a whole bunch of these things headed this way, although they don't look as strong as this one.  We need the rain, certainly, and nobody will be unhappy to see this, I'm sure.

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