Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A New Toy for the Baby

Kittens are just like human kids in many ways.  Toddlers love cardboard boxes -- this box my sander came in has proven to be irresistible to the kitten.  She loves the window, and she loves to hide in there so she can attack me when I walk by. It's just her size. I was going to recycle the box, but I guess that'll have to wait until she gets tired of it.

Home Depot left a message that my window is in, which is interesting.  I sure can't do anything with it yet, but I guess I'll see about picking it up.  At least I can read the instructions, see what I might need, see if I can do it or need help.  Supposed to be really easy, but....we'll see.

I've worked two days in a row this week and now have two days in a row off, which is just lovely.  It's been really boring and while I'm getting much better about not letting the boredom get to me, it's still boring.

I reached the conclusion this morning that I really need to see about growing a more varied garden next summer, plus fall and winter crops.  I am SO tired of eggplant, and even though I was without squash while the new plant matured, I'm tired of that, too.  I don't like the tomatoes I have, so I don't eat many of them. The peppers apparently need more afternoon shade and tend to get sunburned. All in all, I really have to do better next time around.  At least I'll have more time and a little more knowledge.  And I won't be starting from scratch!

I got home tonight to find that someone (the city?) has mowed the strip of greenery between the sidewalk and the street, in the entire neighborhood.  A street sweeper truck was coming along cleaning it all up.  I think most of them were in pretty good shape -- most at this end of the street are mowed regularly and I don't remember anything looking bad.  Now, if they'll just unstop the storm drains....

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