Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some Things Work -- and Some Things Don't

I finally went outside this morning and tried the much-vaunted and much-anticipated drill/wire brush on the siding, and I couldn't see that it did much of anything at all.  I suppose that if I put it on areas that were not previously scraped of the loose stuff, it might get that off -- but frankly, all that comes off more easily with the wide putty knife, and with a lot less effort.  So -- all that money for nada.  Not really nada -- I'll use the drill for other things (and it was free), I can use the wire brush for stuff inside the house, as it seemed to work well where I tried it on the window, and the long cord will be useful, too.  Ah, well.  Back to scraping I guess, but not this morning.  Already getting hot out there.

I had a little fun last night taking pics of the kitten, mostly in her favorite resting place which happens to be my lap.  I love it when she gets on her back like this -- drowsy, but rarely asleep, half-heartedly playing with her tail, her back feet, my fingers if they are within reach.  That's her cuddle spot.

And so is this, where she's more prone to sleeping.  It's almost impossible to get a photo of her sleeping, because the sounds of the camera get her attention.

Trying to cool off before attacking the mousie one more time.

She doesn't do this often -- kind of a cheesecake photo, don't you think?

This is one of those rare and lovely mornings when there is nothing on my schedule, no garden toil that needs to happen, no traveling to do, and I love it.  I can use a day off.  I do have someone from Lowes coming at 11am to give an estimate for installing the insulation, but that won't take long.  I'm sure they'll be the most pricey estimated I get, but that's OK.  It's good to know what the choices are.

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