Thursday, September 9, 2010

World's cutest kitten

This is a 'real time' photo, folks.  As I was writing this blog entry I turned around and found this sight behind me.  How in hell did she ever get into that position for sleeping?  Looks like she was playing and just got suddenly tired and rolled off the cushion, or something.  Hard to say. I was laughing so hard I'm surprised the camera stayed steady.  She drives me crazy at times, but she also makes me laugh out loud at times, and that's a rare event in this life!

Didja miss me?  Haven't done anything of note since the weekend, but thought I'd check in anyway.  Still struggling with the Citristrip issue -- emailed them this morning instead of calling again, hopefully someone will answer.  Someone suggested I try Kilz, which I may do, but I'm already using a stain-blocking oil-based primer, so am not sure Kilz would work any better.  I thought I'd ask the experts again before I do anything else.

Just returned from a huge lunch down at the southern buffet here in town.  Lots of food for a reasonable price, and I made the most of it.  Haven't felt well today, didn't feel like cooking.

For awhile now -- a year or so, I guess -- I've been having some nights when I can't sleep.  I always excuse it by saying I am just 'wired' for some reason, although there is rarely a real reason for such a state.  I go to bed as usual, but am wide awake and can't sleep.  Last night I got up and read for a couple of hours and finally admitted what I've seen in the past but have been trying to ignore.  When these nights happen, my heart is racing like crazy.  I'm used to that -- have had issues with heartbeat regulation for over 30 years now but it's not something I worry about as it's rarely evident, as long as I take my beta blocker.  These nights seem to be coming more often, although there are still weeks and maybe months in between.  I've been tired and headachy all day.

And no, I'm not going to the doctor for tests.  My philosophy on such things is not the norm.  If I should get cancer, for example, I'm not going to go the chemo or other unpleasant routes to try and gain a few more months of life, or even a few more years.  If this heart issue is changing and/or getting worse and it kills me, so be it.  I care more about quality of life than quantity of life.  I don't want surgeries or treatments that make me feel worse than I feel without them.  As a practitioner of Buddhist philosophy I have no fear of death.  I have no wish to be alive if I can't live life to the fullest, do the things I want to do.  Things like this certainly give me pause, make me think about the meaning of it all, but only reinforce my philosophy and wishes on the subject.  Not even sure why I brought it up!

This is my grandmother's sister, and her husband.  Somebody has piled up dirt too deeply in front of the monument so I can't read the death dates, and I wasn't comfortable trying to move the dirt away, or any of the flowers.  This is an old plot in the newer section of the cemetery, and it's large enough for another grave or two besides these.  I'm still looking for my Perry ancestors who are supposedly buried in this place.

Last night I decided to go to the dairy in Rockmart after work and stop back by the Spring Creek Cemetery for a look at the 'newer' section, since it was sort of on the way.  Despite Mr. Google's map, I didn't exactly take the express route through the back roads, but I got where I needed to go.  For the most part, the 'new' section was too new for my purposes, and I didn't go back to the old section because I checked it thoroughly on the last visit.  I'm sure they are there, just unmarked as so many are.

I found a handyman to work with, so as soon as I can get this window/Citristrip issue resolved and the window painted, we'll schedule a time for him to come over and take care of my short list of chores for fall. I'm hoping to be able to have the money to tackle larger projects next summer: kitchen and bathroom, primarily.  I can do a lot of the work, but certainly not all of it.  I can't do all the kitchen, either, so I'm still trying to work out a good compromise between what I have and what I want. 

Spent an hour or two this morning sanding the 'other' window in the room and made good progress.  I didn't have the full energy to do as much as I'd like, but any day that I can make even a little progress on this job is a successful day, far as I'm concerned.  I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the day!

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