Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Starting work on back room

I made a concerted effort to straighten and organize the back room this morning, so I can work in it.  The stacking boxes were a find from work, where they were going to be tossed.  Full of sandpaper and all kinds of small stuff.  I need a better gauge drop cloth, considering how long I'll be working in this room, but this is what I had, so this is what I used.

All the new window stuff is ready for installation, thank goodness!  I spent an hour or so working on those fine bits of trim between the glass and the flat wood on the wooden window this morning. Now that the other window is done -- or at least, as done as I can make it -- I need to concentrate on this one so I can get it finished in the next few weeks.  The flat trim all around can wait, but the sashes and the inside of the window frame have to be sanded and painted.  Then, I get to remove the side trim, clean out the weight cavities, put some insulation in the cavities, and re-thread the above sash to one set of weights so it's functional before I put the trim back on.  At that point, I'll be ready to concentrate on finishing the trim and sill.

Believe it or not, I'm back to using Citristrip on this window. My problems with it were of my own making.  It's a good product and does the job.  You can bet I'll be sure to get it all off before it dries, however.  The paint on this outer sill just wasn't budging with a scraper, and it's too narrow a space to get the sander into, so this was the best answer I could come up with.

Part of all this organizing meant clearing clothes and stored stuff out of this closet.  Some of it went into the blanket chest in my bedroom, some into the deep, dark back recesses of my lower kitchen cabinets (way too hard to reach to use for anything but storage), and into the bedroom closet which also had to be cleaned out.  I don't have a place to put the roll of insulation where the kitten can't reach it, so I guess it'll stay where it is for now.  I'll use it to insulate the window cavities, and probably also to insulate other windows in the house for the winter.  There was a purpose for clearing this out, other than to keep stuff dust-free.  Once the windows are finalized, my plan is to begin my rehab work in the closet.  For one thing, it'll be nice to see one small area completed, plus I know that if I leave it to the end I might be tempted to say 'forget it'.  The walls here are the original old plaster, cracked and funky.  I think I'm going to wallpaper it. Really want those folding doors painted white, too, but can't wrap my brain around actually doing it.

Began my day with a visit to the local hospital at 7am to get some blood drawn and an EKG, for diagnostic and preventive reasons as part of my annual physical.  I've just finished lunch and now I'm going to bake some chocolate chip cookies.  There's a big event in town this Saturday -- the annual Fall Festival -- and our cemetery committee has a BBQ booth.  I offered to help bake cookies, about 100 in total.  Fun, and the cool weather is great for using the oven.

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  1. I painted some louvered doors and decided can spray paint was the answer... primer and color.
    Went fast and good coverage.