Tuesday, September 14, 2010

She's Met Her Match!

Those of you who know me will find this hard to believe, but I have finally been bested, in the form of being out-stubborned -- by a four pound kitten, of all things.

Since I've had her, which is what, around three months now? -- I've been trying to teach her to stay off my desk.  We've had some interesting moments around that.  But as I type this, she's curled up right in front of me on the desk, eyes following the flow of black spots and the cursor across the screen.  And this isn't the first time.  Have I given up?  I think it's just not worth the effort anymore because clearly, she is going to do what she wants to do with no regard to what I want her to do. Amazing.

I've had a lot of kittens, a lot of cute kittens, but never been totally out-stubborned by one until now.  She just doesn't give up.  And being the feisty little thing she is, she fights back.  If I make her get off the kitchen counter, for example, she'll retaliate by doing her little kitten crab walk towards me, ears back, then flat out attack my legs and ankles with teeth and claws.  I have about convinced her that this is not a good idea,  but even if I'm able to stop the total attack, she makes it clear how she feels.  If I try to influence her with a noisy rolled up magazine, she'll attack the magazine. Cute, until she finds flesh with teeth or claw.  She clearly doesn't understand the bit about not biting the hand that feeds you.

Hopefully this is just another phase she's growing through. It's just like raising a human child in the frustration area, but thankfully -- unlike a human child -- the time period involved is way shorter.  I probably have another 6 months or so of this, then she'll grow up and mellow out.  Sort of.   And then, I'll look back and wish that cute kitten was back, no doubt.

I've done lots of scraping on the window today, including an hour or more on the ladder.  Did a good bit last night, too.  Making good progress but I'm a tired cookie, and my arm and shoulder muscles are even more tired.  Tried the Kilz on the Citristrip pink stuff, and it didn't work any better than the first primer.  I've given up at this point, however.  I'm going to let it dry really good for a couple of days, maybe give it a light sanding, put another coat on and hope for the best.  I've got to get this window painted, and I'm tired of fooling with it.  It won't show, under any curtains I put up.  I need to get the new window insert painted and installed, too, and my handyman is waiting until that happens before he comes over to do the other work, so it can all  be done at one time.

It was so cold this morning that I was wishing for heat, although I would not have turned it on, since the day was forecast to be around 90.  It's perfectly lovely, whatever the number has turned out to be.

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