Friday, July 2, 2010

Bah Humbug!

All I can say is, I'm glad you're not here in this room right now, and if you're smart, you're glad too!

Bad day?  That's putting it mildly.  I've been really bored at work for quite awhile now -- since I caught up on all the backlog of work, there's not much to do.  On a busy day, maybe a hour of it might be used working.  The rest I twiddle my thumbs, occasionally answer the phone, and play computer games, all of which do nothing by frustrate me.  I do not do idleness well. My boss has been all distracted lately with buying a fancy new car for his wife, and when I arrived at work today I found that he wouldn't be in until noon because they'd gone to Atlanta to pick it up.  Well, by noon, he was still in Atlanta and hadn't even signed the paperwork yet.  Back in mid-afternoon, he says, but I've heard that story from him many times before.  Wouldn't matter so much, except this is payday and that meant he wouldn't be here in time to sign my paycheck.  I stewed awhile longer, then walked out.  It was a total waste of my time, even with the piddling amount I'll be paid to have been there.

Then, I got home and found a bill from ATT, which was still over $80, after monthly phone calls to them to correct their error.  Next month, I keep being told, and 'next month' it's still the same.  The woman in May gave me a credit, and the woman today did, too.  Like a fool, I didn't call last month or I probably could have gotten it then, too.  Today was a fine day to call -- I was already pissed and this just added fuel to the fire.  Every time, I get told a different story.  They have me over a barrel for another 5 months because of the damned modem, for which I'm paying $10 per month and for the balance of which they will bill me if I cancel the service.  I will NEVER use ATT again, as long as there are other options out there.  I think they've forgotten that Ma Bell isn't everybody's mother.  We have options now, when Ma Bell screws with us.  Rant, rant.  I'm still about to explode.  But, on to other issues.

Remember this?  This was my bathroom when I moved in, as inherited.  Yesterday, I got my bathroom window installed, and now it looks like this.

I'm not thrilled with the installation -- when he put the outside trim back on he did a really crude job of it. The bottom piece is now not level with the other siding on the house and looks bad, plus he didn't put it on so that all the corners match up.  I'm going to have to take the bottom piece off and redo it myself, I guess, and get my neighbor to help with one of the replacement side pieces that is too wide to fit evenly.  Sloppy.  I think I'll stick with James from now on -- he's slow to get to things, but when he gets to it, he does a damned good job.

My squash vine, which looked so healthy last week, has been wilting a lot lately despite copious additions of water.  I suspected squash vine borer for various reasons, finally looked it up today and yep, that's what it has. No help for it other than pulling the plant up, which is what I did.  I planted a new seed a few days ago, should still have time for more squash this summer.  

Pretty, isn't it?

I just love it when kittens sleep with the tip of their pink little tongues sticking out!  She was just waking up, looks a bit stupid, but trust me, she's got some smarts, as cats go.

I have three days off now, and it just might take me that long to be ready to go back to Rome.  Fortunately, our weather has cooled to a far more tolerable, and more normal, high 80s rather than high 90s.  We are all relieved!

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