Saturday, July 31, 2010

She's At it Again!

The morning glory vines are history!  They were still blooming nicely, but:  I planted them to shade that south-facing window from the sun, but because the sun is so far north this time of year, the window doesn't get any sun; conversely, all that foliage was blocking cool night breezes, which I really need; lots of the inner leaves were dying and not all that pretty to look at; and it was blocking the light big-time, which I really didn't realize until it was gone. They were also high-maintenance (lots of watering) which I don't like.  So -- off to the compost pile!

Since I was in a destructive kind of mood, I dug into the basil and tomato plants and did a lot of cutting back and thinning, much needed.  That's all on top of the bin.  Yes, those are two down pillows atop the morning glories -- I need to turn both bins soon, and will put one pillow (with the casing cut open) on the bottom of each pile.  They still smell really, really bad.

I also used my scissors to trim all the bermuda and crab grasses that had been encroaching over the plastic for months now, and added that to the compost pile as well.  The stuff is really, really insidious. Notice how big the buckwheat is getting!

After I cleared out some of the masses of basil and tomato leaves, I found a surprise: nice hot peppers turning red.  Lots of green ones, too!

After that, and a good shower, I was off to run errands.  I finally got the drill chuck and bit and extension cord and proper primer to continue working on the side of the house.  Now, all I need is some cooler weather!  My main reason for this trip to Home Depot, however, was to order the replacement sash kit for 'the window'.  For some reason the window sales lady didn't understand, the base price of the unit came up lower than it did last time -- about $30 lower -- so we didn't argue with the computer.  I used my $99 rebate card from Energy Star (for the washer) to pay part of it, and that helped my bank account a bit, although it was still on the pricey side.  But, has to be done.  Now, I need to get more serious about getting that window ready -- finish sanding, filling holes, priming and painting.  If I'm able, and I'm not going to stress on it -- I'll get the other window sanded down and ready to prime and paint, too, and the windows in this room will be done. That will be oh, so nice.

For the rest of the day?  Right now I'm feeling very lazy, but I'll likely get the new drill bit outside later when it cools off, see if it really helps with the paint removal.

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