Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I'm in!!

Just got the word that I'M IN! Will get the keys next Tuesday, move in with just a bed and basic items (including bed delivery) on the 1st or even the 31st.  Unless I decide to do more than one carload. I pay the movers by the hour and they know it's not much stuff, so it will save me money if I can do this. Am I excited? Not in the least. Grins.

I scheduled my movers for Sept 7 a few days ago. Tried to get it sooner, but they were booked and realistically, I might have had to change it anyway.  Did some mattress shopping last Saturday, will go back and make a purchase and arrange for delivery now. Also checked out a couple of thrift stores for a desk and other things. Saw a desk I like, but they won't hold it beyond 2 days, so it's pointless to worry about it. There are always desks. I can look again when I go buy the mattress, since the stores are in the same area (and same area as DMV).

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