Friday, August 5, 2016

Blues in the park

This time of year in towns all across Oregon, free outdoor concerts are a tradition. This one happened a block from the house, and was fun to visit. There will be four in total this month.

This band is The Vipers, with Deb Cleveland singing. They are a blues band, and they could get down.

I'm still waiting anxiously to get final approval to move into the apartment, but it'll take a bit longer than a couple of days. They take their due diligence seriously -- background checks, credit checks, last 10 years of residency checked. All that takes time.  There should be nothing negative anywhere, but in this day and age one never knows what might crop up in some record someplace that does not belong there.

At any rate, I'm allowing myself to feel a little bit of how very wonderful it will feel to have a place of my own, with privacy and nobody else to answer to, once more. It's been over 2 years since I can say that, and while I've used these years to grow my Buddhist practice (as in, practicing patience and remaining equanimous in unpleasant situations), I'm ready for some personal space and privacy once more.

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