Tuesday, August 9, 2016

One more step forward....

So if anybody is wondering, yes I am still here. And within a month or so, this will be my new home! It's on the second floor, facing this way, in the 'middle of the building', although I'm not sure just where that is. But probably in this photo somewhere.

Apparently, I passed the background checks with an A+ (her words), which wasn't really surprising to me. But that hurdle is past and now I just need to meet with her next week and provide a list of documents -- basic ID and income verification things, expense verification (medical) for the most part. Nothing difficult. I believe it will be at that meeting where my rent amount will be settled upon (income-based) and I'll get a good move-in date. It's over a week away, and I'm working hard at 'practicing patience' while I wait it out, even though I want to jump in and get it done NOW.

In the meantime, I'm just thinking and planning, things starting to come together as far as moving, buying a few things (like a bed!), address changes, getting the garden spot ready for spring planting (serious work over winter turning it into healthy, organic soil).  Plus getting back on the diet and getting exercise.

I felt every year of my age this morning after returning from my 'usual' 11.2 mile loop.  I cut another minute or two off my time (1 hr 19 min) despite a headwind, but that alone shouldn't cause the aches and pains and fatigue I felt for awhile. I think possibly it's because I took a short, 30-minute ride yesterday just to get out. Not used to two days in a row yet! But whatever caused it, a hot bath and some food brought me back to whatever passes as normal. No aches to speak of, pleasantly tired. Even vacuumed the floor but wouldn't mind a nap. Grins.

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