Tuesday, April 29, 2014

One the road again -- almost

Well, wouldn't you know that my next-to-last night in Georgia was spent in my most favorite way: waiting for the tornadoes to hit. Once again, this area was spared. A big thunder boomer shook the house around 3 or 4 am, a few later rumbles, but that was it. At the moment there's just rain, and after that the radar shows clear. Unfortunately, they are still saying that another storm is coming up after this one, although it sure doesn't show up on the radar. On the other hand, this one didn't show up on the radar until late afternoon yesterday. Aside from not sleeping overly well, all is well here.

The house is almost empty. I loaded the trunk yesterday (partly because I had bad thoughts about having to do it in the rain, and partly because I'm paranoid about leaving the house overnight tonight when people in this neighborhood know I'm moving and might think I'm gone and try to break in). I've said before, it's a dicey neighborhood, although most residents are good people. There's always a few you can't trust.

So -- today I need to finish packing (had to wait through breakfast today, to use the coffeemaker and the blender for my morning smoothie). Also have to dismantle my 'bed' -- deflate the air mattress, roll up the sleeping bag, etc., and get those into their shipping box. Later in the day I'll have to disconnect the computer, take the modems back to Charter (they say I've had them long enough to pay for them, but last time I disconnected from Charter they told me the same thing and I returned them anyway -- the person who gave me the receipt for them told me it was a good thing I'd returned them because otherwise I'd have been charged for them, so I'm not taking any chances. Don't need them anyway).

I can check into the motel in Bremen at 3pm so I plan to do that, and have a much more comfortable place to chill out until it's time to leave for the airport. Tomorrow morning we'll come here, take the rest of the furnishings to the neighbor next door, load the rest of the stuff into the car, and head west. You probably won't hear from me for a couple of days -- on the road somewhere.

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