Saturday, April 26, 2014

Three more days.

I'm a patient person, for the most part. I've patiently waited out the last 6 months here, waiting for spring so I could fold up my tent and leave. I've patiently (for the most part) traveled through the mire and mud of selling my belongings, mostly through Craig's List. I've patiently (more or less) used a lawn chair for my only seating for well over a month now. I'm patiently sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. I'm patiently living without a real way to cook food. Patiently waiting for the next step to arrive. But, I think in the next few days that patience is going to be tried even further and frankly, for the past few days I've felt on the losing end of the whole patience thing.

The good news is that we're down to THREE more days. How hard is it to be patient for three days, you ask? Ordinarily, not at all hard. Until you add 6 months onto those three days. And keep taking away what comforts remain. And add a new bunch of screaming kids at the rental house next door into the picture. Starting today, I'm moving my car into the back yard behind the house, because last night the bicycles were edging far too close to it. Behind the house seems to be the only safe place.

Today, my dryer is supposedly going. Tomorrow, the refrigerator, washer, the only table and lamp left in the living room. Somebody inquired yesterday about the desk/table my computer sits on, but for better or worse, I never heard back from them. Frankly, I'm happy to keep it and give it away at the end.

But hey, I'll still have the lawn chair, a clip-on desk light that'll fit somewhere and give some light to the darkness here when need be. And I'll have a cooler and a microwave and my coffee maker and blender. What more can I ask?

The impatience is showing in crabbiness. I'm sleeping really well -- not sure why, but it may well be that air mattress. I inflated it to a softness that's kind of like a waterbed and I've slept through the night for 4 or 5 nights in a row, so there's no reason I should be tired and cranky.

I think it's all just catching up with me. I'm ready to go. I'm ready for a return to some creature comforts (the summer in the redwoods is going to feel luxurious after this!). I'm ready to pack the car, drop a few boxes at Greyhound en route, and hit the road northwest.


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