Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fast times

We are in the small town of Burley, Idaho -- last stop on what has become a whirlwind trip to the west coast. Not what I had in mind when I left Georgia -- I was looking forward to leisurely trip with some relaxation thrown in, so I wouldn't be so tired at the end. Instead -- 5 push-push-push days that haven't been even an iota of fun, certainly not relaxing, and forget about not being tired. I'm pooped -- and it's so hard to unwind after long days on the road.

Last night we were in Eagle, CO, near Vail. Before that, Salina, KS. Before that, someplace I don't even remember. Tomorrow night -- 601 miles later -- we will hopefully be in Eugene. I have a lovely cottage awaiting my inspection for rental in August, some laundry to do, hopefully a bit of rest, then on Wednesday I head south to the hermitage, where I am sorely needed. Once again, Ayya Sobhana has been left alone there due to unforeseen circumstances (someone left due to an emergency, another cancelled due to family illness). So once again -- but only for a few weeks -- I will be chief cook and bottle washer, but this time in the new kitchen, rather than the makeshift (but quite useable) outdoor kitchen of last summer. I'm really looking forward to being there again, in the peace and quiet and friendship.

Also looking forward to returning to Eugene in August and -- if I like the place after I see it, and if the owner likes me -- setting up housekeeping in the cottage. It's tiny, but set in a garden with plenty of veggies, fruit trees, berry patches and even chickens for eggs -- all of which are available for grazing.

That's it for now. Just needed to chill a bit, and writing here always chills me out. Haven't had time to take many photos, but what I have will appear here eventually.

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