Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The present, the future

So here I sit, approaching 6am and barely light outside, sipping coffee and watching the world come alive outside and in the garden. Even the chickens are still abed!

This is kind of what I'm looking at right now, although it was much brighter outside when I took this photo yesterday than it is this early in the morning.

This is such a sweet place -- I plan to come back and stay, sometime in August once the incoming, short-term renter has moved on. Then, with my own things in place and settled in, I can make it 'home' and be quite comfortable here. It's small (although larger than the kuti I'll be living in for the next 3 months) but all the windows, skylight and open ceiling make it feel much larger. I don't feel at all claustrophobic and I love the interaction outside during the day with the chickens, cats, a sweet dog, and even the humans.  There's lots and lots I can do for comfort.

A closer look outside -- the chickens and part of the garden, plus the 'catio', a clever place just outside the window that would allow an inside cat to spend some time outside without escaping.

The mess and clutter are mine -- camping out! The sleeping nook will hold a full-size bed, although it's a bit snug. I'll be using my air mattress and may move it beneath the window by the chickens, on some kind of platform, and use it as a day-bed/sofa as well. The nook can be used for many things -- a dresser, a meditation spot, whatever feels right. The bath is tiny, but functional.

More of my temporary clutter messing up a very nice space. With all the built-ins I'll have room for all my kitchen stuff and books and whatever.

The cottage itself, in the morning light. Not it's best angle -- it's actually quite cute -- but I didn't want to venture further into the garden and disturb anyone so early. Garlic in front of the deck -- gotta love that!

The deck, again in the early morning light. Nothing stirring out there at this point other than a hummingbird.

So -- the present moment and the future home. Today I'm driving south along the beautiful (and beloved by me) Oregon Coast to my old home in Brookings, where I'll stay overnight before heading on to California tomorrow. There's a big basket of Oregon fish & chips awaiting me tonight at my favorite spot down at the harbor. My real favorite spot, of course, is The Crazy Norwegian's in Port Orford, but I'm going to bypass that today and settle for another rather funky place (a few tables in the back of a fisherman's supply store/bait shop) that has really good fish and chips and draft beer.

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