Friday, July 14, 2017

Another rant about doctors

What is it with doctors?

Over the years I've mentioned to several doctors that I often get 'itchy, tingly, crawly sensations under my skin' that come and go and are very unpleasant. I've often wondered if it was some kind of mis-firing in my nervous system, or a reaction to something I've eaten. Not ONE doctor has ever offered up a suggestion, most merely give me a blank look, or shrug.

So today I googled it, and to no surprise these are anxiety symptoms. Known and clear. Why couldn't one of these doctors simply understand this, and tell me what was going on? I swear they are useless!

It's no secret that I don't like medical doctors or frankly, the modern idea of medicine, where rather than find a cause for a problem they simply use a pharmaceutical to treat the symptom. Possibly they all ignored it because they don't like prescribing anti-anxiety meds like Xanax. Best to just ignore me, pretend ignorance. I would never take it anyway, on a treatment-level basis which calls for taking some every 4 hours.

I did that once, many years ago when Xanax was new and my doctor (a high-level psychiatric expert who eventually rose high in the California state mental hospital system) told me that it was new and non-addictive. Didn't take me long to realize he was wrong, as after a few days I noticed the body wanting the pill before the 4 hours would be up. At that point, I said no thanks. I take it on occasion, mostly for helping me sleep once or twice a week. But would never again take it routinely. Or even daily.

I know I'm anxious -- something that's gotten worse as I've gotten older. Anybody in this country who isn't anxious these days isn't paying attention. Especially poor people and old people. I try to use natural methods to alleviate it, and am prone to craving sugary stuff which has just the opposite effect.

It's good to know what is causing the skin tingles, though. Not sure what I'll do about it, but at least I know it's not some dire physical issue.

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