Friday, July 22, 2016

Tackling the yardwork

My roommate got home around midnight,  had to go to work at 8:45 this morning! She didn't realize how tired she'd be, or she wouldn't have scheduled it. It's nice to have her home and we did a lot of gabbing this morning, probably certainly more to come. I did manage to ask her a question as she was leaving, about some yard work that needs to be done. She gave me the go-ahead.

There are tons of Shasta daisies in the front yard, but they are rapidly seeing the end of their season and need to be cut back. So I decided to tackle that, with permission. Thought I'd get a lot more done than I did, frankly, but it's a good start. I'd had a 20-minute walk through town and am still having issues with the small of my back, so I didn't want to push it too much. Some is good -- stretches and uses those muscles -- but it's easy to go from good to overdone. I'll get to all of them, eventually.

Also pulled up about a half dozen garlic plants out there that had dead stems and leaves. So now, we have some lovely fresh garlic to use for awhile. I'll let them dry and such before bringing them in. Well, all but one, anyway.

Good to have yard work to do. Good to have anything physical to do, rather than sitting around watching TV or the computer. Had planned to ride the bike again this morning, but opted to wait another day because of back issue. Again, at this age it's better to be prudent than sorry.

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