Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Home again

Fog fingers wisp into the nearby hills as it settles over the valley one of my last mornings in Napa. Nothing but a sea of white below us, wisps of fog where I am, blue skies above

Finally! In my new home in the sweet city of Coburg. When I first saw this room, it was utterly charming. It's still very pleasant, but having me move my big chair and ottoman and bookcase into tight areas didn't help, plus I'm using my own linens rather than hers, which were much more charming. Still, I'm happy to be here, and it will look better as I get things a bit more settled.. Happy to have found a roommate who is warm and friendly, generous and kind. A friendly dog and cat, to boot.

I arrived yesterday afternoon, enjoyed a nice family dinner, crashed early. Then, my roommate and her daughter left for Pennsylvania around 8am. She'll be returning in about 10 days during which I'll be able to chill out, rest from the traveling, and get settled and comfortable here. Really, I am already settled and comfortable. It didn't take long, with such friendliness, but there are lots of little details left to come together.

Somehow, the bath has remained charming, as I made few changes other than using my own linens and things. The best thing about it is that it is private -- all mine to use and I don't have to go out in a shared hallway to use it.

There's a door out to the patio, and this is the view from that door. It stays open most of the time, although that may change on warmer days. Today is a bit overcast, although very pleasant.

I took a short walk through the neighborhood after lunch, and hope to take more and longer ones in days to come. Also hope to get my bike cleaned up and ready to ride soon. It will be good to be back on it.

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