Saturday, April 11, 2015

Diet, day 13

Today I'm due to delete one more thing from my diet: grains. Which of course means things made from grains, such as breads and pastas. Again, no biggie for me because I tend to avoid grains in general, for the most part. What it really means for me is no more lunches at Saturday Market until this diet is over, because all the wonderful foods there use noodles or bread of some kind (tortillas, pita). I do find that a bit annoying because that's always a real treat for me. Otherwise, business as usual.

And of course, I continue to wonder why I insist upon continuing to follow this diet, as it's having zero results for me as far as weight loss is concerned. That's a much bigger question that I think, comes down to stubbornness. Refusing to give up after sticking with it this long. And there's only one more week to go -- but of course I don't see any value I'm going to get by discontinuing grains (which are a teeny part of my diet to begin with) and next, dairy. I've already switched from cow's milk to coconut/almond milks, so the only thing left to discard on the dairy front is yogurt, which I think I can easily do for a few days. But again -- why?

I can't say I feel better in any respect from following the diet, and indeed I think I feel worse than before this began. I'm certainly more tired, although I'm not sure what the diet might have to do with that. I do know that just before I began it, I felt great -- physically and mentally. I wonder if the lack of carbs in the diet are affecting energy? Something -- and perhaps something unknown that's completely unrelated -- has affected my sleep, certainly, for the past couple of weeks.

All in all, in writing this I think I've just talked myself into saying: enough! This isn't working for me. That said, I think I'm headed upstairs to make myself a cup of coffee, then contemplate what else I can do to return to my normal (albeit lower cal) diet.

So - boring subject, I know. But that's all I've got this morning. Thanks for listening and helping me make this monumental decision. Grins.

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