Sunday, April 12, 2015

Coffee, wine, and weird weather

And the world hasn't come to an end! Yesterday I trashed my diet, then started off the day with coffee, which tasted really good. It's odd how our minds work: I'd been feeling bad emotionally and physically, but as soon as I shrugged off the diet it was like shrugging off a lead jacket. I felt free, emotionally and physically. Energized. Wasn't hard to see how stressful the diet had been on me emotionally (not because of things I had to 'give up', but because it was always in the back of my mind as I juggled keeping to the diet while keeping calories down, figuring out what to eat every day (as well as what not to eat). Too much!

After breakfast, I opted to head to the store and buy some things to make my favorite coconut curried lentils with sweet potatoes. While I was there, I bought a celebratory bottle of wine, to make the day complete. No candy or sugary stuff, however! I had fun making the curry, until I noticed that the color wasn't right and later, the taste wasn't right. Instead of going on instincts, I'd referred back to the recipe that started it all and didn't pay attention to details. In making the stock, it had called for coriander and cumin seed. I didn't have those, so I added small amounts of both in a ground form to the curry, and that changed it completely. It tasted OK -- but it normally tastes much better than 'OK'. Then it gave me a sour stomach until after midnight, so I think I'll toss the rest of it today. Win some, lose some. So I had coffee and wine and stayed within my planned low calorie day, as I will today as well. It's not that difficult.

Warm sunshine is in the works today, so I'm going to head out hiking after lunch. Looking forward to that. Yesterday I was sitting here watching an invitational track meet happening on campus at Hayward Field on TV.  High winds came up, and rain poured down on the runners for awhile, but here there was only a light breeze and sunshine -- and they were maybe 3 miles north of me! Weather is weird, especially this time of year.

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