Saturday, April 9, 2011

Peek-Wright Cemetery, Antioch, Polk County, Georgia

Another cemetery clean-up today, with dedicated workers, good friends, and lots of generous spirit. Each time I go to one of these I see a new part of the county, learn new roads. The morning was muggy -- overcast, as you can see, but humid.  We only worked for about an hour, but we were all pretty tired at the end of it.  Personally, I came home and crashed.  Work around here can wait until tomorrow.

Once again, when we arrived someone had half the grass cut already, which is wonderful.  Last week someone had done it in advance, today a different man had started early with his riding mower. Really made the work so much easier for the rest of us!
All we had to do was get out a couple of push mowers and some weed-eaters, plus hand snippers and rakes, to get inside the enclosed spaces and around individual stones.
It's a lovely old cemetery.  Many (if not most) of the markers are for people who died pre-1900.
All finished.
It looks much, much better.  The same volunteer will cut the grass another time or two this summer, but we won't be back here for awhile.  Too many others in need of work.

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