Thursday, April 14, 2011

How grows the redwood?

There's a new shoot coming out of the soil beside my little redwood!  It's only a quarter of an inch or so tall yet, but it's definitely redwood, not weed.  I wonder what this means? The main stem seems to also be growing, albeit slowly, and I don't think it's usual for redwoods to send up secondary trunks.  But, you can see that it's a little bigger than the sprout on the lower stem of the main seedling, and that's been there for months.  It's only been in soil (native humus from it's home area), as opposed to water, for a few months, too.  I don't remember when I finally decided to plant it even though it had no discernible roots.  It was living and growing and that seemed to be enough.

1 comment:

  1. Very remarkable. It may be that the redwood will eventually let the new shoot be the main tree.
    I recently planted two blueberrys and was told by the grower to use only pine mulch with pine chips on top... Odd, but I did what I was told.