Thursday, April 21, 2011

I know you think I'm kidding....

...but I'm serious when I say this back room redo might kill me.  I almost electrocuted myself this morning when I was applying spackle around an electrical outlet.  I guess my putty knife slipped and hit one of the screws inside the box, but I couldn't swear by that.  All I know is that there was a loud pop, I jumped, and when I opened my eyes sparks were flying all across the floor.  The metal blade of the putty knife had a 1/4 inch chunk out of one corner.  Not a good way to start the day, but it sure woke me up!  Fortunately, no harm came to me from the incident, although I had to get James to install a new plug when he did the rest of that room today.

Aside from that -- we're still making progress.  The closet is finished, aside from sanding when it's dry.  I thought James would do that, but he didn't seem too inclined so I guess I'll have to, and that won't be pretty.  I don't do well when it comes to sanding above my head, so it probably won't be a very good job but it's a closet, people. I can only apply so much angst to the issue.  James also put the window stop trim in place, and that looks good. I primed some of the woodwork so at least I feel I accomplished something.  There's more spackle to be applied here and there and more priming, then I can start painting the color on it.

The room suddenly is taking on a whole new life.  Getting the white over most of the wood lightened the room  much more than I expected and my heart takes a small leap when I walk into it now.  I'm at the point where I can see it coming together and I want to do nothing but continue -- but I can't.  I must work tomorrow, and I only have so much energy.  Still -- it's happening.

I even managed to get a bit of compost sifted and into the new raised beds today.

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